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Creamy, melty vegan mozzarella cheese made with just 8 simple ingredients and ready in under 15 minutes! Perfect for grilled cheese, pizza, lasagna, casseroles and more! (Gluten free + Oil free)

Vegan Mozzarella Cheese on toast broiled

This. Vegan. Cheese. Oh gosh jolly– I’ve finally come down to the best vegan cheese that actually melts and browns. It’s gooey but not gluey, and just perfect over EVERYTHING.

The inspiration

I’ve just had too many bad experiences with store bought vegan cheese. And other recipes I’ve tried online just wasn’t for me– they kind of had this gluey texture that would coat the top of my mouth which I wasn’t a fan of.

This vegan mozzarella cheese was in the works for the past two months and I was desperate to perfect it for my yaki curry recipe because I wanted a good dairy free cheese that actually browns and melts. Tested over 12 times with different ingredients and ratios, I’m crazy excited to finally share this life-changing recipe. You ready?

ingredients for vegan cheese in white bowls

Ingredients (+substitutions)

Most vegan cheese recipes call for tapioca starch, which thickens it and gives it a slighty stretchy texture. However, the base for this cheese recipe is rice! Specifically, both cooked rice and glutinous rice flour. Why rice? Glutinous rice is another starch, giving the ability to thicken and be stretchy, much like mochi (which is where I actually drew the inspiration from!). Mochi stretches and kind of droops and melts… like cheese.

A bit of cashews are added for a creamy texture without any added oil, although you could add about one tablespoon which I find helps the cheese get even gooey-er.

For flavour, some vinegar, nutritional yeast, mustard and salt is added. Some optional ingredients you can add to make it even more flavourful are garlic powder, onion powder, sugar and black pepper. If you wanted a spicy melty cheese, add a dash of cayenne!

vegan cheese in the blender, saucepan and whisking it over heat

How to make melty vegan cheese

Making homemade vegan cheese is incredibly easy. Simply just add all the ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy. It takes about 3-5 minutes on high speed and you do want it to warm up just a bit because that will thicken up the mixture.

It can be used straight out of the blender (two top photos) for things like casseroles, lasagna, anything baked or to dip in. However, if you want to use it for something like pizza, toast or grilled cheese then I highly recommend heating it up over the stove to thicken it isn’t too loose (two photos on the bottom).

Transfer the cheese to a saucepan over medium low heat and just keep stirring with a whisk until thick. Never stop stirring or the bottom will clump relatively quickly. Once thickened, remove from the stove immediately and transfer to another bowl. Let it cool for 10-15 minutes and then scoop it onto pizza or spread it over bread for toast and grilled cheese.

step by step how to brown vegan cheese for toast

Does this vegan cheese brown?

Yes! This cheese bakes and browns wonderfully. If you just toast or bake it in the oven, it will brown– but to get a rich deep golden brown I’ve found that a little oil and broiling does the trick.

After baking or toasting it until the cheese is slightly matte, spray with a little oil and then broil for 3-5 minutes. Keep on eye on it cause it can go from perfectly browned to burnt in minutes.

How to store vegan cheese

Once cooled, cover and then keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. It also freezes really well! I like to pour it over a lined baking sheet, freeze and then cut them up into small chunks for easy and convenient usage. It will last for up to 2 months in the freezer.

vegan Mozzarella Cheese in a sauce pan thickened up

What to use this melty vegan cheese for:


vegan cheese toast on a plate

If you recreate this Melty Vegan Mozzarella Cheese recipe let me know how you liked it by leaving a comment and rating below or by tagging me on Instagram @Okonomikitchen, I love seeing all of your tasty recreations!
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vegan Mozzarella Cheese in a sauce pan thickened up

Melty Vegan Cheese

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Stretchy, melty vegan mozzarella cheese thats incredibly easy to make with just 8 simple ingredients! Perfect for pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, and more!


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  1. Add everything to a high speed blender on high for about 3-5 minutes until smooth and creamy. There should be no visible cashew or rice bits. 
  2. It’s ready as is and can be used as is over casseroles, mad and cheese, pasta bakes, pizza and anything you would top cheese with. 
  3. For a firmer cheese, transfer the mixture to a saucepan over medium low heat. Use a whisk to stir continuously as it will thicken relatively quickly. Do not stop stirring once it is hot or it will burn at the bottom and leave clumps.  Once thick, remove from the heat immediently and transfer to a storing container. Allow it to cool and then use it for grill cheese sandwiches, pizza and more.


  • Prep Time: 8 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Category: homemade
  • Method: blending
  • Cuisine: vegan, gluten free, north american


  • Serving Size: 2 tbsp (30g)
  • Calories: 55.6
  • Sugar: 0.21g
  • Sodium: 161mg
  • Fat: 1.5g
  • Saturated Fat: 0.29g
  • Unsaturated Fat: 0.98g
  • Trans Fat: 0
  • Carbohydrates: 9g
  • Fiber: 0.5g
  • Protein: 1.6g
  • Cholesterol: 0

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Recipe rating 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star


  1. Wonderful, the best yet! Last time I used 1/2 cup of my homemade oatgurt (yummy IP plant based yogurt made from oats, hemp seeds, and a some cashews) mixed with the water to replace the milk and and lemon juice, and it was even more convincingly cheesy! I made quesadillas for the grandkids and nobody was the wiser that it wasn’t “real” cheese! Kudos!

  2. Hello, i just found your recipe because i am very curious about this rice flour cheese thing!

    My question is, how this cheese behaves when putting on pizza. do i need to thicken/cook it first? if so, is it possible to then put chunks on the pizza that will melt apart while baking? or should i just drizzle the uncooked/unthickened version out the mixer on the pizza?

    thanks in advance 🙂

  3. The best vegan mozzarella ever!! It took me a few goes to perfect it but once I did it was amazing😍 never buying cheese from the store again!

  4. Such a clever and great recipe! Didn’t change a thing, although I maybe should have heated it for a little longer on the stovetop to get even thicker, but it worked great on everything we used it for! Super yummy popped over mustard on toast, put under the grill for a couple minutes and then topped with tofu scramble, or just in a toastie done in the machine!

  5. Hello.

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

    I finally have vegan mozzarella cheese down pat.

    I literally just finished making this for a Caprese salad. It is so good, stretchy, and delicious.

    One thing, though, I used tapioca flour instead of rice flour, and it achieved the same consistency.

    Thanks, again, for an excellent recipe.

  6. This vegan cheese was such a game changer for me. My body can be very sensitive to fat, and fake cheese is LOADED in saturated fat and little to nothing else.

    This recipe is not only delicious, but provides more nutrition than store bought fake cheese.

    It was amazing on a homemade pizza I made. I cannot recommend it enough. A+ for texture and taste!

  7. Okay. I’m French so I tried soooo many different recipes. This is the best I tried EVER. HANDS DOWN.
    I salted it a bit more because French cheeses are salty af, and used lactic acid (1/8 tsp) and it’s was puurfect ! 🤩 I’m in love.
    I tried it with pizza and burger for the moment.

  8. Used it for chili cheese fries. Only swap was almond flour for cashews. It was delicious, but didn’t really brown under the broiler. Any idea what I could do to get it to brown better? I did add the olive oil.


  9. So quick and easy! Cleaning the blender was the hardest part 😂. I’ll definitely keep this as a staple in the fridge.

  10. What a cool use for glutinous rice flour! I’d bought a large bag to make mochi and was happy to have another use for it. I added this cheese to baked eggplant rounds and it worked fabulously as little vegan ‘pizzas.’ Following the amounts of each ingredient is key for that complex ‘cheezy’ flavor. Yum!