A collection of 25 Vegan Holiday Christmas Cookies to share with your friends and family this year! From classic chocolate chip cookies to holiday spiced cookies and sugar cookies- theres a perfect christmas cookie for everyone! {All vegan, mostly gluten free, oil free and refined sugar free}

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It’s the most beautiful time of the year
Lights fill the streets, spreading so much cheer
I should be playing in the winter snow
But I’ma be under the mistletoe

Okay okay, really though. Friends, we’re 9 days away … tis the season to bake some cookies! I hope you’ve already cranked your oven open and have gotten started on your holiday baking- ya’ll know I have. Once it hits December 1st, it’s go go time and my kitchen literally smells like cookies everyday. It’s become a must-do tradition and I look forward to it every year.

Just incase you’ve been caught up during this busy time of year and haven’t yet started baking any cookies … I’ve rounded up 25 delicious Vegan Holiday Christmas Cookies that I think you’ll really love! Plus, most of them are gluten free, oil free, refined sugar free and actually kinda healthy… considering they’re cookies. Even if you have started your cookie baking festivities, you should totally add some of these to your list cause lets be honest, can you really have too many cookies? I think not 😉

Because I’m so passionate about cookies, I’ve also listed out some of my favourite kitchen appliances that I think are really helpful. As well, at the bottom of the post I wrote out some tips and tricks to baking perfect christmas cookies, how to freeze, make ahead and how to properly store different types of cookies.

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Kitchen Equipment to Help Make Holiday Cookie Baking Easy

  • Food Scale: I really think using a food scale produce the most accurate results because the amount of ingredients can really affect a cookie! I also like to use it to measure out the portions of cookies so they’re all the same size and bake evenly.
  • Parchment Paper / Silicon Baking Mat: For easy clean up and so the cookies don’t end up sticking onto the tray.
  • Cookie Scoop: If you don’t have a food scale or can’t be bothered to weigh out each piece of dough, a cookie scoop can help portion out the dough evenly.
  • Hand Mixer: I’ve been really into using hand mixers lately because of all the baking I do. It saves my wrist and it helps mix all the wet ingredients a lot quicker.
  • Whisk: Good ol’ whisk to mix the wet ingredients.
  • Spatula: I find spatulas the best and easiest to fold dry ingredients in.
  • Food Processors: Really great for gluten free or flourless cookies that use nut butters and need to get really well combined.
  • Rolling Pin: Essential for cutout cookies! I find the wooden rolling pin easier to work with.
  • Cookie Baking Tray: A mid-toned coloured baking tray is ideal for even baking and so the cookies don’t get too browned.
  • Wire Cooling Rack: This helps cool the cookies properly so that the bottoms don’t end up soggy.
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Tips to Set Your Vegan Holiday Cookies Up for Success

  • Don’t overcrowd your cookie sheet: Overcrowded cookie sheets may result in under baked cookies that are fuse together.
  • Don’t overcrowd your oven: If you have a top, middle and bottom racks, stay consistent and bake in the middle rack for even baking. If you really must, be sure to swap the top tray with the bottom tray half way through the baking time for even baking.
  • Use a mid-tone coloured baking tray: Dark coloured baking trays tend to heat up and bake the cookies faster resulting in darker coloured cookies. On the flips side, white colour baking trays bake up rather pale cookies (which can be good for say, sugar cookies). However, I’ve found that mid-tone baking trays bake up evenly.
    Rotate cookie tray halfway: Again, to encourage even baking because different spots of your oven may be hotter (like the back of the oven) than other spots.
  • Let the cookies cool on the baking tray and wire rack: So important!! The cookies finish up baking on the hot cookie tray and also makes them slightly less fragile. Then most cookies need time to cool on the wire rack so that they won’t fall apart.

Okay so now that we have all those important cookie baking tips covered, let’s get into the best Vegan Holiday Christmas Cookies!

top 3 vegan holiday cookies chocolate chip snickerdoodles and almond sugar cookies

My Top 3 Favourite Vegan Holiday Christmas Cookie Recipes

  1. The BEST Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies: You can’t go wrong with this classic chocolate chip cookie!
  2. Vegan Snickerdoodles: Perfectly chewy, soft, moist and everything you want in a snickerdoodle.
  3. Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies: Buttery, moist and so so yummy. Kind of like pillsbury sugar cookies!
top 4 vegan chocolate holiday cookies showing chocolate crinkle cookies, peanut butter cup cookies, hot chocolate cookies and no bake chocolate cookies

Vegan Chocolate Christmas Cookies

  1. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. No Bake Chocolate Caramel Cookies
  3. Healthy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
  4. Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies
  5. Flourless Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies
  6. Salted Pretzel Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies
  7. No Bake Mint Chip Cookies (via. Feasting on Fruit)
  8. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (via.Feasting on Fruit)
  9. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (via. Hummusapien)
  10. Jumbo Truffle Stuffed Cookie (via.Plant & Sprout)
  11. Matcha Chocolate Cookies (via. SugaredCoconut)
top 4 vegan spiced holiday cookies showing ginger molasses cookies, snickerdoodles, cinnamon roll cookies and chai spiced cookies

Vegan Spiced Christmas Cookies

  1. Vegan Ginger Molasses Cookies
  2. Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookies
  3. Almond Butter Gingerbread Cookies (via. Veggiekins)
  4. Cinnamon Roll Cookies (via. Veggiekins)
  5. Chai Spiced Walnut Snickerdoodles (via.Plant & Sprout)
top 4 vegan shortbread holiday cookies showing pecan butter cookies, almond sugar cookies, snow ball cookies and crescent cookies

Vegan Sugar / Shortbread Cookies

  1. Browned Coconut Butter Pecan Cookies
  2. Vegan Almond Flour Sugar Cookies
  3. Vegan Matcha Cookies
  4. 4-Ingredient Vegan Snowball Cookies
  5. Tahini Sugar Cookies (via. From My Bowl)
  6. Austrain Vanilla Crescent Cookies (via. Delight-Fuel)
top 4 vegan grosted holiday cookies showing hot cross bun cookies, almond blossom cookies and coconut blossom cookies

Vegan Thumb Print + Frosted Cookies

  1. Iced Hot Cross Buns Cookies (via. The Little Blog of Vegan)
  2. Almond Blossom Cookies (via. Meg Josephson)
  3. Chocolate Coconut Blossom Cookies ( Plant and Sprout)

And a bonus cookie for your paw friends… Vegan Pumpkin Dog Treats! Cause they deserve some cookies during the holiday too.

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Can You Freeze Holiday Cookies?

YES! Cookies stay the most fresh frozen. It locks in the moisture and prevents any bacteria/mold from building up.

How to Make Christmas Cookies Ahead of Time

IMO the best way to make vegan holiday christmas cookies ahead of time is to freeze them. It keeps them fresh until they’re read to be eaten! There are two ways do freeze cookies:

  1. Freeze the Cookie Dough: Prep the dough as instructed, portion them out and roll them into balls (if required) and then freeze them on a baking tray. Then trasnfer them into a air tight container or freezer safe bag. When ready, just let them sit at room temperature while the oven is preheating and bake as instructed! You might need to add an extra minute if the cookies are pretty frozen.
  2. Freeze After Cookies Are Baked: Make the cookies as instructed and then once they are fully cool freeze them in a freezer safe bag.

How to Properly Store Christmas Cookies

Different cookies need to be stored differently. For one, be sure to these vegan holiday cookies spiced cookies in different containers as the flavours might end up mixing together if stored together.

  • Soft & Chewy Cookies: Think snickerdoodles, soft sugar cookies and chewy ginger molasses cookies. These are best stored in an air tight container at room temperature. This keeps the moisture locked in and prevents them from drying out.
  • Crispy Cookies: For crispy cookies like gingerbread or shortbread, keep them in a tupperware and cover them loosely. This prevents the cookies from becoming soft.

An additional tip is to layer some parchment paper between the cookies, especially the soft and chewy ones so they don’t stick together.

How Long Do Most Holiday Cookies Last

Most cookies are best eaten within 48 hours after they’re baked. But if stored correctly, they can be good left on the kitchen counter for 3-4 days. Anything more, I would just freeze them to keep them as fresh as possible!

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Alright friends, that’s a wrap! I hope you guys try some of these Vegan Holiday Christmas Cookies and get your baking on! Don’t forget to take some pictures and tag me on instagram @Okonomikitchen and the original cookie creators with your recreations! Wishing you all a happy cookie baking holiday ❤️🍪


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