Here is my ultimate collection of all the tableware that I love and that you may see in my photos and videos. This post will be updated as we collect more!!

I’ll be ordering them by Japanese tableware essentials and then broader categories like donburi (rice bowls) and ramen bowls.


The essentials consist of six different kinds of bowls and plates to serve a typical Japanese meal that follows the principles of Ichiju-Sansai.

  • ichi means one
  • ju means soup
  • san means three
  • sai means dishes

The basis of a Japanese meal includes one soup, three side dishes and rice, which is the staple food of Japanese people. The three side dishes consist of one main dish and two side dishes. Pickles are added as condiments and not counted as a side dish.

Six dishware essentials to serve a typical Japanese meal

1. Rice Bowl (Ochawan)

For rice.

2. Soup Bowl (Owan)

For soups.

Zelkova Yamanaka Lacquerware Miso Soup Bowl with Lid

3. Medium Plate (Chu-zara)

For main dishes.

  1. Rinkuro Kiln Old Imari Story Chimon Imari Round Plate – Musubi Kiln
  2. Hypericum and Bird Kutani Bowl – Musubi Kiln
  3. Half round plate – Kappabashi
  4. Oval plate – Kappabashi

Sushi & Fish plates

Kappabashi Street & Asakusa.

4. Small Plate (Ko-zara)

For side dishes. Can also be used to serve desserts.

  1. Custom
  2. Hibino Gustav Ivory White Mino Ware Round Plate – Musubi Kiln
  3. Custom
  4. Triangular side dish plate – Kappabashi Street

5. Tiny Plate (Mame-zara)

For condiments, spices, garnish and pickles.

Musubi Kiln, Kapabashi Street, Thrifted

6. Small Bowl (Kobachi)

For nimono (simmered dish), aemono (dressed dish), sunomono (vinegared dish), or smaller portions of the main dish.

Chopsticks & Chopstick Rest

Mostly from Musubi Kiln and Kappabashi Street.

Additional Dishware

1. Rice Bowl (Donburi) or Noodle Bowl

Rice bowl. Can also be used for noodles.

  1. Nishiki Peony Mino Ware Donburi Rice Bowl with Lid S – Musubi Kiln
  2. Nishiki Sakura Mino Ware Donburi Rice Bowl with Lid M – Musubi Kiln
  3. Nishiki Sakura Mino Ware Donburi Rice Bowl with Lid L – Musubi Kiln
  4. Green Donburi Rice Bowl with Lid – Kappabashi Street
  1. Red Banreki Mino Ware Bowl with Lid – Musubi Kiln
  2. Large Donburi Bowl with Lid – Asakusa
  3. Small Beige Donburi Bowl with Lid – Kappabashi Street
  4. Shiba Donburi / Noodle Bowl – Asakusa
  1. Baizan Kiln Arabesque Tobe Donburi Bowl S – Musubi Kiln
  2. Baizan Kiln Arabesque Tobe Donburi Bowl L – Musubi Kiln
  3. Fukujyu Mino Ware Donburi Bowl L – Musubi Kiln
  4. Golden Camellia and Birds Kutani Bowl – Musubi Kiln

2. Ramen Bowl (Ramen Bachi)

To serve ramen.

Chinese Dragon Ramen Bowl – Grandma’s home.

3. Soba Dipping Cup (Sobachoko)

For soba dipping sauce and toppings (lid).

Green & Pink Soba Noodle Bowls – Kappabashi Street

4. Bento Boxes

For lunches and to-go meals.

5. Extra

  1. Shallow bowl with handle (thrifted)
  2. Cookable shallow bowl with handle (Amazon JP)
  3. Shallow salad bowl (AEON)
  4. Shallow curry bowl (AEON)
  1. Half Shell Avocado Dish – Object of Living
  2. Small leaf plate – Thrift store
  3. Banana Boat Appetizer Dish – Object of Living
  4. Shino Brush Kataguchi Pair Lipped Bowls with Pouring Sprout – Object of Living
  1. Edamame Trio Appetizer Dish 
  2. White large trio dish (AEON)
  3. Small trio dish (DAISO)
  4. Double dish (DAISO)

5 Piece Tableware Est Kato Rimmed Bowl Set – Object of Living

6 Piece Tableware East Oval Bowls – Object of Living

4 Piece Tableware East Deep Dish – Object of Living

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